Kristy, very literally, taught me everything I know about singing. I met her at the end of my junior year of high school and by March of the next year I was in my dream college for musical theatre because of her. She took the time to actually get to know me and tailored exercises in a way that made my dancer brain become a singer brain. No one has ever made me feel so comfortable while pushing me to do my best. She not just a teacher and mentor, she’s a sister and friend.
   —Faith Porter, NYC actor, BA Musical Theater, Marymount Manhattan College

I went to Kristy after having a not-so-great voice teacher experience. I walked into our first lesson nervous and with little technique or faith in my ability to do anything. After only ONE lesson I left loving singing again. She continued for the next three years to be nothing short of brilliant. Kristy makes you feel empowered as an artist without ever sugar coating or babying. She will push you to do things you never believed you could while giving you the support you need along the way. She makes every student feel like they are her top priority. Kristy is fantastic at meeting a student, finding the holes in their training, and tailoring every lesson to fit their specific needs. She realizes that everyone is different and really leans into that. She is positive and upbeat in every lesson and is so passionate about the work she does. Kristy is one of the few teachers I have ever met that loves her students and her art with every bit of her being, and I would not be living my dreams if it weren’t for her. I owe her absolutely everything. 
  —Colie Smigliani, Chicago actor and theater educator, BFA Musical Theater, Roosevelt University

Kristy completely changed my perception of singing. I started taking voice lessons with her sophomore year of high school, and in the next several years, my potential for a career in musical theatre completely changed. While I once considered singing to be my weakest skill, the skills I developed under Kristy have made my voice not only my most powerful asset, but one that has given me the most opportunities while performing in New York City. From South Shore stages to Carnegie Hall, Kristy is the reason I’m able to pursue a performance career. Plus…her kids are adorable.
  —Roger Dawley, NYC actor, lead in PAW Patrol Live! national tour, member of Actor Therapy

Kristy was my SAVIOR. She helped me rediscover my instrument, identify what was and was not working, and explore different options in styles. Kristy supplied this in a welcoming, comfortable, and safe work environment.  She gave me the confidence to audition for conservatory programs and make the big move to New York City.
  —Bryan George Rowell, NYC actor, company of Addy & Uno, musical theater student at CAP21 / New York Film Academy

My daughter started studying voice with Kristy three years ago.  She had never taken voice lessons before and even in her first year, I was so impressed with how Kristy developed her voice and improved her vocal techniques.  My daughter recently earned the lead role in her middle school musical and is thrilled. She looks forward to her voice lessons each week with Kristy and I can truly say it is the highlight of her week! Kristy is very warm and personable, and knows each of her students so well.  Being part of her studio is like being part of a family! 
  —Elise Warhaftig, parent 

We were lucky to find Kristy when our son was in high school.   Kristy gave him the skills to improve as a singer and really hone his talent.   With her guidance and nurturing his confidence and skill really took off.  Kristy prepared him for auditions as well as for roles in his high school and community theater productions. When it came time to apply to colleges her background in admissions was invaluable!   She was encouraging and realistic in her advice which was refreshing to us as parents.  Kristy has gone from being an excellent teacher and mentor to a wonderful friend.
  —Maura Dawley, parent

Kristy is skilled at creating a safe, nurturing environment for her students. Kristy has a natural ability to build rapport with her students. This, along with her refined skills as a vocal coach, has enabled my daughter to take vocal risks, develop her individual singing style, and grow as a singer. My daughter is now looking toward college auditions for musical theater. Kristy’s expertise has played an integral part in giving my daughter the confidence to meet all of her auditions with a polished and well refined vocal sound. I can’t recommend Kristy enough!
  —Jillian Ayer, parent

Our daughter started taking voice lessons with Kristy in the winter of 2018, her senior year at high school. I only wish we found her years earlier. Kristy is truly a fabulous voice teacher and person. She has greatly developed our daughter’s voice and her vocal technique in a very short period of time. Kristy’s amazing vocal talents and warm, delightful, and fun personality makes students work hard, while making them feel at ease and part of her family – a unique characteristic of Kristy. Our daughter will be studying musical theater at Northwestern University, and I know Kristy will continue to guide her along the way. Kristy is both extremely talented and a gift to her students – I cannot recommend her enough!
  —Cathy Huycke, parent