The Voice Studio of 
Kristy Errera-Solomon

Welcome to the Kristy Errera-Solomon vocal studio! Our studio is like a family, where we learn, share, laugh, grow, and connect. I believe that each student is unique and needs to be nurtured in a way that best strengthens the teacher/student relationship. I give my all with every voice lesson and expect the same of my students. We work hard and play even harder, laughing throughout our lessons, yet learning the entire way! Singing is more than just the sounds we make with our voice; it is the stories that we tell through song. 

I am here to: 

  • teach a healthy vocal technique.
  • support emotional exploration and character development.
  • guide you through auditions and role/gig preparation, including audition repertoire selection.
  • build your audition book.
  • guide you through the college application/audition process, including college selection, audition repertoire selection, pre screening recordings, monologue coaching, dance coaching, and rehearsals with an accompanist.
  • aid through vocal injury and recovery, including speech/vocal therapy. 

To that end, I work alongside other dedicated, knowledgeable vocal specialists in order to ensure that you have the best care available. My incredible team includes pianist and vocal coach, Sarah Troxler, vocal/speech therapist, Kristin Swan of Swan Therapies, acting and monologues coach, Erica McDermott, dance coach, Cynthia Krebs, and voice teacher and contemporary music specialist, Maria Marini.

I will support you through your ups and downs, not only in the studio, but as you grow in your career. This is not a job for me, but a passion. Come sing and join our family!